Oral health from an early age

Our main focus is our patients, not only adult patients, but also kids and teens. It is very important to us to offer your child a positive first experience at the dentist, so that the regular visits to the dentist’s office become a stress-free event.

A visit to the dentist should be a positive event for your child. At the beginning, we have a consultation discussion, in which we introduce ourselves, as a team, to the parents and their child, and we inform  them. For instance, about caries, dentally fit diet, prophylaxis and about how important healthy milk teeth are. The small milk teeth are placeholders for the permanent teeth. If milk teeth are lost due to caries, the placeholder is no longer there for the next teeth, and displacement can follow.

The special pediatric prophylaxis we offer in our office sustainably promotes a healthy development of the child and prevents caries and gum diseases.

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