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If you have lost one or several teeth, a dental prosthesis comes into use. We will gladly counsel you regarding the best solution for your particular situation. This depends on several factors (e. g. what is the condition of the adjacent teeth? What is the general oral health and hygiene? How old is the patient? etc.)

Generally speaking, there are fixed and removable dentures.

Partial and full crowns

Partial and full crowns come to use when there is enough tooth substance left. In order to enable an exact fit of crowns, an impression must be taken beforehand. Then, the tooth on which the crown will be mounted must be prepared by grinding. This preparation is done under local anesthesia, and is completely painless. After that, you will get a temporary prosthesis, until the laboratory manufactures your final denture. After the temporary prosthesis, the crown is affixed with a special cement.

Crowns can be made of gold, ceramics, zirconium or plastics.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are used to cover a tooth gap. The gap can span over one or several missing teeth. Bridges preserve the function of the masticatory apparatus and are an alternative to tooth implants and dental prosthesis. When dental bridges are used, the adjacent teeth must be grinded. These teeth will serve as pillars for the coming bridge – it will usually be supported by two teeth.

Basically, dental bridges are made of the same materials as the dental crowns. Metal alloys or ceramics are used.


Dental prostheses are removable dentures, they are made of plastics and metal and they are used when tooth gaps are so big, that they cannot be covered by a bridge anymore. The dental prostheses are affixed to your natural adjacent teeth.

Prostheses offer less comfort and durability compared to dental bridges. The precondition for a dental bridge is a sufficient anchorage possibility.

The following types of prostheses are available:

  • Partial prosthesis: it is fixed to your adjacent natural teeth with metal brackets.
  • Telescopic denture: the anchorage is done with primary and secondary crown. The primary crown is affixed to your natural tooth. The secondary crown is embedded in the prosthesis and is positioned on the primary crown. For cleaning purposes, the prostheses can be removed.
  • Total prosthesis: it is used on a completely toothless jaw. It usually is made of plastics and is not supported by a crown. This acrylic  base adheres to the oral mucosa by a suction effect. The secure position of the prosthesis is ensured by adhesion forces.

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