Optimal preventive care and aftercare through dental prophylaxis and professional tooth cleaning

In order to preserve the teeth as long as possible, a regular professional tooth cleaning is a fundamental prerequisite. The gum inflammation near teeth or implants can, if not treated, also lead to loss of teeth in the long run.

Thus, teeth, as well as implants, need a regular and consistent care. The individual, professional prophylaxis and implant cleaning is therefore one of our main priorities. A professional tooth cleaning operation thoroughly cleans your teeth of the bacterial plaques. These dental plaques are one of the most important risk factors for caries and periodontitis

Bad breath can also be a consequence of bacterial plaques. In our office, prophylaxis means not only the thorough cleaning of your teeth, but also:

  • the gathering of your personal risk factors,
  • the precise inspection of your teeth and mouth,
  • the general evaluation of your health status,
  • the collection of information about your teeth cleaning behavior at home,
  • and your instruction about how you should optimally clean your teeth. (The professional consultation regarding your personal mouth hygiene and care is also part of our comprehensive prophylaxis concept).

An exceptional solution for the prevention of caries and periodontal disease  is the all-new device from EMS, AIRFLOW® PROPHYLAXIS MASTER https://www.ems-dental.com/de

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