Wafer-thin shells for your prettiest smile

Veneers are wafer-thins shells made of ceramics, that are permanently glued to the teeth, ensuring the appearance of natural teeth thanks to their translucent property. These high-performance ceramics offer an optimal stability and durability.

If your front teeth are irregular, if you don’t like the natural color of your teeth or if you have a small tooth gap, we can quickly remedy such problems with premium quality veneers!

Veneers are predestined to correct undesired tooth shapes and permanent discoloration.

In case of a complete treatment with veneers, you can choose any color you like for your dream smile. In case of treatment of individual teeth, the color should be adapted to your other teeth.

If your teeth have a defect and are in addition strongly discolored, there are several treatment options such as veneers, fillings or crowns. We offer you counsel to the treatment that suits you best.

In case of tooth displacements, veneers are not an optimal option. In this case, dental braces or aligners are a better choice. If the teeth stains are too pronounced, they can still be visible through the wafer-thin shells. In case of patients who grind their teeth, who bite their nails or have teeth with big fillings, veneers are not suitable.

By contrast, veneers are best suited in case of:

  • tooth discolorations
  • defects of the tooth enamel
  • irregular tooth surfaces
  • Minor chips

Veneers are an esthetic treatment form (more or less like an esthetic-plastic beauty correction) With a few exceptions, the health insurances companies do not cover the expenses or only pay grants, as usually there is no medical indication. In case of doubt, please discuss the matter with your health insurance company.

Veneers are very stable and durable. Studies show that after 15 years , more than 90 percent of veneers are still intact. However, veneers can become damaged and can chip off by teeth grinding, a wrong strain or tooth trauma. In such cases, a veneer can always be replaced.

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